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New patient: Consultation and routine treatment - £80

Returning Patient:
Routine chiropody treatment - £75

Initial consultation with vascular, neurological and skin assessment followed by routine chiropody treatment.


• Routine nails cutting and filing - includes use of drill for thickened nails

• Callus (hard skin) debridement

• Corn enucleation

Choice of silver nitrate or cryotherapy treatment. Treatment price is supplementary to existing appointment.

Existing patient: £85/£95

New patient: £90/£100

Verruca Cyrotherapy treatment package  - £240

Verruca Dry Needling  - £280

Minor fungal nail treatment -
+ £15

Verruca Cyrotherapy (Cold temperature therapy) every 2-3 weeks for plantar foot Verruca(s). Package listed is for 3 treatments.

The gold standard for plantar foot Verruca(s). Verruca needling under Local Anaesthesia.

Pre-operative assessment: £80

In the unlikely circumstance a further procedure is required, cost for a further treatment is half price at £140

Standard routine appointment with additional anti-fungal treatment and plan. This may only provide results if fungal is minor (for moderate or severe fungal nail(s), enquire for more details). Treatment price is supplementary to existing appointment. 

Existing patient: £90

New patient: £95

One off verruca treatment - 
Silver Nitrate + £10/ Cyrotherapy + £20

MSK consultation and assessment (45 mins) - £150

Nail Surgery - Starting from £350

Surgical removal of nail under Local Anaesthetic.

We can perform complete nail removals (TNA's), and partial nail removals (PNA's) with or without phenolisation, to prevent or allow regrowth of nail.

Pre-operative assessment: £80

One toe: £350

Two toes : £450

Any nail surgical procedure includes a complementary virtual follow-up review.

• Extensive medical history taken and examined

• Biomechanics assessment including gait analysis

• Assessment of lower limb joints - functionality and quality

• Advanced injury assessment with comprehensive short term and long term management plans

Travel time and transportation costs to your home/residence or workplace is a flat rate which is included in pricing... so no extra hidden costs!
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